A small child walking with his father goes on enquiring constantly

A small child walking with his father goes on enquiring constantly. He asks his father so many odd things and the father has to satisfy him with proper answers. When I was a young father in my householder life I was overflooded with hundreds of questions from the then second son who was my constant companion.

One day it so happened that a bridegroom party was passing our tram car and the four year old boy as usual enquired what was the big procession. He was given all the possible answers of his thousand and one question regarding the marriage party and at last the question came from him whether his father was married! This queer question gave rise to a loud laughter for all the elderly gentlemen present there but the boy was astounded as to why we were laughing. Anyway the boy was somehow satisfied by the married father. And the lesson from this incidence is that a human being, as he is a rational animal, is born to make enquiries and questions.

The greater the number of questions, the greater is the advancement of knowledge and science. The whole material civilization is based on this originally volume of questions by the man asking from the elderly persons. The elderly persons give away the proper answers to the questions of the youngsters and thus the progress of civilization is made one step after another. And the highest intelligent man makes enquiries in what is next after death. Less intelligent persons make less enquiries but in the case of higher intelligence the questionnaires are still higher and higher.


‘Relevant Enquiries’ from 1950s BTG

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