A Sidelong Glance: the Sangraha Book

Srimati Radharani fascinates Sri Krishna by looking at him in this way. It is an irresistible and full of attractive look. We also have a strong desire to one day be fascinated by the way Srimati Radharani is, at all times, calling us back to the spiritual world, where life is filled with eternal knowledge and happiness.

“A Sidelong Glance” is a type of literature that in Sanskrit is called sangraha, or ‘collection of writings’. We write a lot, both for notes and for answering questions, and the only way to keep them from getting lost and to remain available for the present and future generations is to publish a book on a regular basis.
Most of these articles have been written by us and a few of them by other authors. We have chosen to publish the entire Puranjana story by Srila Prabhupada for the richness of its philosophical content. It is so beautiful and profound that we could not resist.


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A Sidelong Glance  Index

A devotee should give up enthusiasm for big endeavors
Aranyaka Portion Of the Vedas
Are Demons Guilty?
Bhakti increases in its own way
Bhrigu, Visnu and Laksmi – Why the devotees shave – Why Padmavati is worshiped in Tirupati
Blaming the knife
Deity worship at home
Devala (Astavakra)
Devala, brother of Dhaumya
Devala, son of Pratyusa Vasu
Difference between different kinds of commentaries
Important devotional services
Marks on Radha Krishna’ soles
Mithuna Sankranti – the Sun enters into Gemini
Prema-dhvani (Jaya-dhvani)
Rape in holy places
Should we be fighting for social justice?
Should we pay for learning Krishna consciousness?
Should we suffer while Krishna enjoys?
Some devotees worship the Devas
Some thoughts on Japa
The “priyah so ‘yam” verse
The Maha Mantra Hare Krishna explained by Srila Prabhupada
The main costitutional principles of material nature
The responsibility of Manjughosa
Using lust and wrath in Krishna Consciousness
Vegetarian burgers
What We Should and What We Should Not
What Is the Meaning of the Word Ki?
Who was the spiritual master of Madhavendra Puri and how they met?
Why sometimes we fast in Dvadasi and not in Ekadasi
Why we should not sing the Maha Mantra after singing to Lord Nrsimha
Yudhisthira curses women







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