Preface of the book “Syamananda, the Joy of Radharani”

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It’s with great happiness that we present to you “Syamananda, the Joy of Radharani”, a book very dear to our hearts containing the life and teachings of a great spiritual master, one of the most important of the second generation of Gaudiya[1] teachers.


In this book you find also a short biography of his main disciple, Rasika Murari, also known as Rasikananda. We did that because it is difficult to speak about Syamananda and not of Rasikananda, the two being so intimately related. However we have the plan to publish a much more detailed biography of Rasikananda, including the famous Rasika Mangala by Gopijanavallabha dasa[2].


We feel very sorry for not being able to present this book with sanskrit devanagari scripts (which would be only for scholars) or diacritics for the general public.


We have to admit that some information found here may present some minor imperfections, like some dates or episodes that are controversial. We decided to publish them anyway to enthuse devotees to study and research more. Any imperfection will be in time corrected and published in the version online of “Syamananda Live Book”.


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We are sure that you’ll enjoy reading this book.


– A drop of Bhaktivedanta Darsana


[1] Gaudiya means “from Gaudadesh”, the land where Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu appeared. Those who follow Mahaprabhu are called Gaudiya Vaisnava.

[2] Gopijanavallabha Dasa was a disciple of Rasikananda and the son of Rasamaya, one of the most prominent disciples of Syamananda Pandita.



This is a section of the book “Syamananda, the Joy of Radharani”.

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