A Second Conversation



Let us listen to another interesting conversation between the divine couple told by Sri Chakrapani.

Radha says,

“Who is that at the dead of night?”

Krishna says,

“I am Keshava.”

Radha says,

“Keshava is hair. Are you proud of it and why do hairs alert Me?

Krshna says,

“O lovely girl, I am the grandson of Maharaja Surasena.”

Radha says,

“What use for the unworthy son of a virtuous grandfather?

Krishna says,

“O beautiful girl, Your face shines like the full moon, I am the beholder of the Sudarshana-chakra.”

Radha says,

“You potter, spin the wheel. Give me a bowl, pot and a milk-bucket.”

Lord Krishna was embarrassed by these clever words of Radha.

May He protect us.


This is a section of the book “Vrindavana Lila”.

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