A jet of milk at Radharani’s face

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One day, Kisori Radhika was watching the cows being milked, and She too desired to milk them. She took a clay pot and proceeded to do so.

Mischievous Krishna arrived at that spot and said,

“Sakhi, don’t You know how to milk a cow? Come, I will teach You.”

And He sat down next to Her.

“O Mohana, teach Me,”

Radhika said, and She placed Herself in front of Him.

“All right. You milk from two teats and I will milk from the other two, and keep looking at Me.”

Laughing, Krishna started to milk.

Suddenly He aimed a jet of milk at Radha’s face, saturating Her with it.

He and other sakhis started laughing.


This charming pastime has been described in the following Brajbhasa poem:

amem samem baith dou

dohat karat thathor

dhudh dhar mukh par padat drg

bhaye chandra chakor.


This is a section of the book “Vrindavana Lila”.

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