Who Was Madhavendra Puri’s Master, and How Did They Meet?

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Who was Madhavendra Puri’s master and how did they meet?




 Madhavendra Puri’s Guru was Laksmipati Tirtha, who was a disciple of Vyasa Tirtha.

So, the parampara from Sri Caitanya up to Vyasa Tirtha is:


Lord Caitanya

Isvara Puri

Madhavendra Puri

Laksmipati Tirtha

Vyasa Tirtha


Some Vaisnava authors say that Nityananda Prabhu was initiated by Madhavendra Puri, while others hold that he was Laksmipati Tirtha’s disciple. If this second version is true, then Madhavendra Puri and Nityananda Prabhu are godbrothers.


Srila Prabhupada confirms this possibility by saying:

“Sri Nityananda Prabhu was initiated by Madhavendra Puri, a sannyasi. According to others, however, He was initiated by Lakshmipati Tirtha.”

From the Caitanya-Charitamrita, Madhya-Lila 3.8.128.


Some versed authors, Sri Laksmipati Tirtha was born in the years 1420 and passed away in 1487.


There is a very nice story about Laksmipati Tirtha. I’ll tell it some other time.


The fact is that not much is known about the period immediately following Madhvacarya’s birth in the year 1,238 AD. There is a lapse of 200 years and 13 Acaryas between Madhvacarya and Lakmipati Tirtha.


  1. Madhva
  2. Padmanabha
  3. Nrhari
  4. Madhava
  5. Aksobhya
  6. Jaya Tirtha
  7. Jnanasindhu
  8. Dayanidhi
  9. Vidyanidhi
  10. Rajendra
  11. Jayadharma
  12. Purusottama
  13. Brahmanya Tirtha
  14. Vyasa Tirtha
  15. Laksmipati


We should do more research.



About how they met, I read the story years ago, but I can’t either find it nor recall where I read about it. Maybe it was in the Nityananda Caritamrita. I’ll let you know.


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