What kind of social etiquette would benefit India? Is it proper to work for quick social reform?

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There is danger on both sides. On one side, the insect of prejudice is eating away at our society. If we remain quiet, we will certainly invite inauspiciousness. Our social strength, heroism, and good fortune are gradually diminishing. Those same Aryan descendants by whose influence the entire world quaked with fear for a long time have now become lower than mlecchas and are gradually becoming even more degraded. Those who have good hearts lament as they discuss this. Those who do not have good hearts live without anxiety and gradually degrade themselves.
If we glance on the other side, we also find danger. If we give up the vamasrama system and establish a new society, then we can no longer be called Aryans, because the Aryan’s scientific society will cease to exist. It is worth noting that societies such as the Buddhist, Jains, Christians, and members of the Brahmo Samaja, all of whom are devoid of knowledge of varnasrama-dharma, never before prospered in the land of India. Buddhism and Jainism remained hidden in caves, Christianity remained in the possession atmlecchas,. and the Brahmo Samaja was locked in a cottage. None of them could lead an independent life. What happened to the tantras of the Buddhists? What happened to their newly-formed rules and regulations? They were all useless. They will never be of any use in India, which is the abode of science.
If wc suddenly begin to reform society and try to reestablish vamasrama principles, we will simply create chaos. Therefore, we can see only darkness in all directions.
(Sajjana Tosani 2/7)


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