What kind of guru is fit to be rejected? – Bhaktivinoda Thakura

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When accepting a spiritual master, one should test whether he is expert in the science of transcendental sound vibration and Absolute Truth. Such a spiritual master is certainly capable of imparting instructions on all spiritual topics. Although an initiating spiritual master is not to be rejected, he can be rejected under two conditions:

(1) If when the disciple accepted him, he did not test to see whether his spiritual master was a Vaisnava and fully conversant with the science of the absolute truth, and the disciple discovers that his guru is not such a Vaisnava, then such a spiritual master is no good for him and must be given up. There is much scriptural evidence for this. And

(2) if a disciple accepted a spiritual master who was a Vaisnava and fully conversant with the science of the Absolute Truth, but due to bad association, that guru later became a Mayavadi or envious of Vaisnavas, he should be rejected.

(Jaiva Dharma, Chapter 20)





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