What are a cheater’s characteristics? Should devotees publicly expose them for the benefit of themselves and others?

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Those averse to the association and conversation of Vaisnavas are cheaters.

Although they wear their polluted devotional service to Visnu as an ornament, they have no desire to associate with devotees, and this is the cheater’s chief symptom.

One should test a disguised devotee by examining this symptom.

People think that they should serve such pseudo Vaisnavas, but that is their mistake.

There are many genuine Vaisnavas, and one should try to associate with and serve them.

It is not that those who are intelligent, sincere, and pure remain indifferent to the affections of such so-called devotees, but they establish pure devotional service in this world by exposing such cheaters’ deceit to the world.

It is everyone’s duty to associale with pure devotees who are expert in destroying deceit and thus begin to relish love of God.

This is a well-known fact.

(Commentary on Bhajanamrtam)


#Bhaktivinoda Thakura





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