Vipralambha Prema (Love in separation)

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The level of perfection, the internal symptom of devotion is worshiping Krishna in the feeling of separation (vipralambha).

The lover and the beloved after uniting are called yukta (united). Before their meeting they are called ayukta (separated). Whether united or apart, the growing ecstatic emotion due to the inability to hug and kiss as they wish is called vipralambha.

The Siksastaka (7) describes this feeling as follows:

yugayitam nimesena

caksusa pravrsayitam

sunyayitam jagat sarvam

govinda-virahena me

Oh Govinda, feeling Your separation every moment seems twelve years or more to me. Tears flow from my eyes like torrents of rain and in Your absence the whole world seems empty to me.

In my restlessness, one day never ends, every moment seems like a millennium. My eyes ceaselessly shed tears like clouds during the rainy season. The three worlds are empty due to separation from Govinda. It seems to me to burn alive in a slow fire.


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