Vindhya, the mountains

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Mbh.1.210.10328 Always entertaining the same purpose, desirous of subjugating the three worlds, the brothers, after due initiation, went to the mountains of Vindhya.
Mbh.1.210.10334 For the mountains of Vindhya, heated for a long course of years by the power of their ascetic austerities, began to emit vapour from every part of their bodies.
Mbh.1.213.10439 And it so happened that one day they went for purposes of pleasure to a tableland of the Vindhya range, perfectly level and stony, and overgrown with blossoming trees.
Mbh.1.222.10875 And the Brahmanas, from their foreknowledge, said unto Yudhishthira that as the son of his would be capable of bearing like the Vindhya mountains the weapons of the foe, he should be called Prativindhya.
Mbh.2.10.407 The mountains of Himavat, Paripatra, Vindhya, Kailasa, Mandara, Malaya, Durdura, Mahendra, Gandhamadana, Indrakila, Sunava, and Eastern and the Western hills, these and many other mountains, in their personified forms, with Meru standing before all, wait upon and worship the illustrious lord of treasures.
Mbh.3.61.2965 This is that mighty mountain called Vindhya; yon, the river Payasvini running sea-wards, and yonder are the asylums of the ascetics, furnished with various fruit and roots.
Mbh.3.103.5361 Vindhya, the foremost of all mountains, suddenly began to increase his height, from a wrathful competition with the sun i.
Mbh.3.104.5368 I am desirous of hearing in detail why it was that Vindhya, made senseless with wrath, suddenly began to increase his bulk
Mbh.3.104.5370 And seeing this the mountain Vindhya spake to Surya saying, As thou every day goest round Meru and honourest him by thy circumambulations, do thou even the same by me, O maker of light’
Mbh.3.104.5374 And all the assembled gods came to Vindhya, the mighty king of mountains, and tried to dissuade him from his course.
Mbh.3.104.5377 The gods said, This king of hills, Vindhya, giving way to wrath, is stopping the path of the Sun and the Moon, and also the course of the stars.
Mbh.3.104.5382 And he with his wife, having arrived there, came near Vindhya and spake to him, saying, O thou best of mountains!
Mbh.3.104.5387 having made this compact with Vindhya up to the present day Varuna’s son doth not return from the southern region.
Mbh.3.104.5388 Thus have I, asked by thee, narrated to thee why Vindhya doth not increase in bulk, by reason of the power of Agastya.
Mbh.3.149.7619 And that monkey of immeasurable effulgence stood there, covering the plantain grove furnished with trees, and elevating himself to the height reached by the Vindhya.
Mbh.3.149.7626 Vaisampayana said, Witnessing that dreadful and wonderful body of Hanuman, like unto the Vindhya mountain, the son of the wind-god became bewildered.
Mbh.3.311.15262 Who is it that hath overthrown the four mighty mountains, viz, the Himavat, the Paripatra, the Vindhya, and the Malaya?
Mbh.4.6.232 Thy eternal abode is on Vindhya, that foremost of mountains.
Mbh.6.9.495 Mahendra, Malaya, Sahya, Suktimat, Rakshavat, Vindhya, and Paripatra, these seven are the Kala-mountains of Bharatvarsha.
Mbh.7.89.3997 It failed to shake Sauri, like the wind failing to shake the Vindhya mountain.
Mbh.7.177.9674 Beholding that excellent and blazing weapon capable of piercing the body of every foe, in the hands of the Suta’s son, the Rakshasa began to fly away in fear assuming a body gigantic as the foot of the Vindhya mountains.
Mbh.7.199.11422 And Hara made the two mountains, viz, Gandhamadana and Vindhya, the two poles of his car.
Mbh.8.34.1651 Himavat and Vindhya mountains became its Apaskara and Adhishthana; and the Udaya and the Asta mountains were made the wheels of that car by those foremost ones among the gods.
Mbh.9.43.3095 The diverse gods, Indra and Vishnu, both of great energy, and Surya and Candramas, and Dhatri, and Vidhatri, and Vayu, and Agni, and Pushan, and Bhaga, and Aryaman, and Ansa, and Vivaswat, and Rudra of great intelligence, and Mitra, and the eleven Rudras, the eight Vasus, the twelve Adityas, the twin Ashvinis, the Viswedevas, the Maruts, the Saddhyas, the Pitris, the Gandharvas, the Apsaras, the Yakshas, the Rakshasas, the Pannagas, innumerable celestial Rishis, the Vaikhanasas, the Valakhilyas, those others among Rishis that subsist only on air and those that subsist on the rays of the Sun, the descendants of Bhrigu and Angiras, many high-souled Yatis, all the Vidyadharas, all those that were crowned with ascetic success, the Grandsire, Pulastya, Pulaha of great ascetic merits, Angiras, Kasyapa, Atri, Marichi, Bhrigu, Kratu, Hara, Prachetas, Manu, Daksha, the Seasons, the Planets, and all the luminaries; O monarch, all the rivers in their embodied forms, the eternal Vedas, the Seas, the diverse tirthas, the Earth, the Sky, the Cardinal and Subsidiary points of the compass, and all the Trees, O king, Aditi the mother of the gods, Hri, Sri, Swaha, Sarasvati, Uma, Sachi, Sinivali, Anumati, Kuhu, the Day of the new moon, the Dayof the full Moon, the wives of the denizens of heaven, Himavat, Vindhya, Meru of many summits, Airavat with all his followers, the Divisions of time called Kala, Kashtha, Fortnight, the Seasons, Night, and Day, O king, the prince of steeds, Ucchaisravas, Vasuki the king of the Snakes, Aruna, Garuda, the Trees, the deciduous herbs, and the adorable god Dharma, all came there together.
Mbh.9.43.3128 Vindhya gave unto Agni’s son two companions named Uschrita and Agnisringa both of whom fought with large stones.
Mbh.12.58.3211 From him have sprung the Nishadas, viz, those wicked tribes that have the hills and the forests for their abode, as also those hundreds and thousands of others called Mlechchhas, residing on the Vindhya mountains.
Mbh.13.25.3470 By exposing oneself to heat in the tirtha called Vindhya, a person devoted to truth and endued with compassion for all creatures should then betake himself to austere penances, actuated by humility.
Mbh.13.165.13693 Sarayu, Gandaki, the great river Lohita, Tamra, Aruna, Vetravati, Parnasa, Gautami, the Godavari, Vena, Krishnavena, Dwija, Drishadvati, Kaveri, Vankhu, Mandakini Prayaga, Prabhasa, the sacred Naimisha, the spot sacred to Visweswara or Mahadeva, viz, Kasi, that lake of crystal water, Kurukshetra full of many sacred waters, the foremost of oceans viz, the ocean of milk, Penances, Gifts, Jamvumarga, Hiranwati, Vitasta, the river Plakshavati, Vedasmriti, Vedavati, Malava, Aswavati, all sacred spots on Earth, Gangadwara, the sacred Rishikulya, the river Chitravaha, the Charmanwati, the sacred river Kausiki, the Yamuna, the river Bhimarathi, the great river Vahuda, Mahendravani, Tridiva Nilika, Saraswati, Nanda, the other Nanda, the large sacred lake, Gaya, Phalgutirtha Dharmarayana the sacred forest that is peopled with the deities, the sacred celestial river, the lake created by the Grandsire Brahma which is sacred and celebrated over the three worlds, and auspicious and capable of cleansing all sins, the Himavat mountain endued with excellent herbs, the Vindhya mountain variegated with diverse kinds of metals, containing many Tirthas and overgrown with medicinal herbs.
Mbh.14.43.1720 Himavat, Patipatra, Sahya, Vindhya, Trikutavat, Sweta, Nila, Bhasa, Koshthavat, Guruskandha, Mahendra and Malayavat, these are the foremost of mountains.
Mbh.18.2.67 And it abounded with inaccessible fastnesses like the Vindhya mountains.

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