Vilasa Vana and Vilachu Kunda

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About halfway between Jati Pura and the town of Govardhana is the Satya Narayana temple. This temple is a small road-side temple about a km from Jati Pura. You can see the Deity of Satya Narayana from the road. In you proceed into the fields, which are directly behind the temple, for a km you come to Vilasa Vana and Vilachu Kunda. On the southern bank of Vilachu Kunda is a broken stone seat. It is said that Radharani and Krishna would sit there and talk together. The Deity of Harideva was hidden here during the Moghul rule, when the Muslim would destroy temples and Deities.

Govardhana Town
The path gets a little tricky when you enter the town of Govardhana. You go on the main road, then you make a right and a left and go through the main bazaar. There may be a detour before this point that goes to the left. After walking through the main bazaar for ten minutes the road bends to the right and after passing the town hall you make a left turn. This road then goes straight going pass Uddhava Kunda, until you reach the town surrounding Radha Kunda.

On the way through the town of Govardhana you can stop at Chakra Tirtha, which is on the bank of Manasi Ganga. Just before you leave the town of Govardhana, you can see Manasi Ganga on the right side of the road. Manasi Ganga is only about 20m (60 ft) wide at this place. You turn right at this place to get to Chakra Tirtha. On the road going from the parikrama path to Chakra Tirtha, there is a temple (house) that is said to mark the place where Saubari Rishi resided after he got married.

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