Uccaihsrava, the horse

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Correct way to write it: Uccaihsrava


A horse which emerged from water during the churning of the sea of Milk. (See under Ksirabdhimathana). Devendra grabbed it the moment he saw it, and thenceforth it became his vehicle.
(Maha-bharata Adi Parva7 Chapter 23, Verses 33-37)


2) Colour of the horse.
Once, during a controversy, Vinata, wife of Kasyapa, contended that the colour of Uccaihsrava was white, while another wife of Kasyapa, Kadru said that its tail was black in colour. It was decided to bet that she who got defeated in this controversy should become the slave of the winner. Because the serpents, the sons of Kadru, cheated Vinata, she had to become Kadru’s slave.
(See under Vinata).
(Maha-bharata Adi Parva, Chapter 20) .


3) #Laksmidevi became a mare. Devi Bhagavata relates a story of Mahalaksmi becoming a mare on account of Uccaihsrava.

King Revanta, son of Surya and friend of Indra, once went to Vaikuntha to pay his respects to Bhagavan Visnu, riding on Uccaihsrava. Mahalaksmi, who was then with Visnu was surprised at the arrival of Revanta. Seeing the scintillating form of Uccaihsrava, her brother, Mahalaksmi sat looking at the horse unmindful of all other things. (Mahalaksmi and the horse were both born from the Sea of Milk and hence were sister and brother).

Thus occupied Mahalaksmi did not hear Mahavisnu asking, “Who is this one who comes like a second Cupid?”

Angry at this Visnu said – “So much attracted by the horse, you have not answered me. Because you enjoy (Ramasi) so much your name in future will be Rama. You will also become frivolous like an uncultured woman. You have never been constant. Because you felt so much attracted to this horse in my very presence, you will be born as a mare in the world of men.”

According to this curse #Laksmi Devi had to be born as a mare in the world; the Hehaya dynasty had its origin from her.
(See under Ekavira).
(Devi Bhagavata, Skandha 6).





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