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Think he doesn’t know


So in this same way, we can say that Krishna is in our heart and He knows what we’ve done, but this does not support our need to develop our relationship.


Therefore, the suggestion is that you go in front of the Deity or just simply in a private room and reveal all the dirty laundry you have in the heart out loud, speaking to Him as if you were in front of your father.

“O my Lord, do You remember when I did this? Do You remember when I did that?”

And even with those things you can’t even admit or, want to think even of yourself, and perhaps with tears of embarrassment in your eyes, you reveal;

“Do you remember when I did that too?”

Now revealed to the merciful Lord of your life, what kind of a person you really are and all the sinful and violent things you’ve done in your past, you now feel naked in front of Krishna without any excuses or any place to hide.


For all those things that you did’nt want anyone to know about has now been admitted by you verbally and now you definitely know He knows! So the feeling of true humility is there along with shame and embarrassment. But our Krishna is very pleased with this surrendering attitude and puts you on His list of special devotees that will receive HIS SPECIAL MERCY.


As it says in the Bhagavad Gita;

“As you surrender unto Me I award accordingly”

With no other place to go, one now has only his Japa bag to take shelter of. Thus the impetus to clean up that sloppy, low quality chanting is now a must.


With a mood to do it right, the recommendation is to record your Japa. Change the breathing. Change and overhaul your mouth and your old conditioning


This is a section of the book “For Their Pleasure”.

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