The Vedic Library: Manifesto

The Vedic Library is on its way to become the largest database on the internet on the history, philosophy and other sciences that refer to the Vedas.

You will very easily find information on all the characters, places, terms, articles and stories present in the Vedas, Puranas, Upanisads and all the other numerous texts.
It is a collection of articles, books, audio and videos found from various sources.


There will be:

• Items with a link that will guide you to a book or other types of collection that you can buy.

• Others with a link leading you to free access to the information.

• Others without a link and a short information on the fifth column.

• Others without links, which means that we are working to provide you the informtion needed.


About the Live Books
Due to the large quantity, for the most part it will not be possible to organize logical or chronological sequences. You will therefore find an index of articles that may have only a number differentiating them, such as Article 1, Article 2, etc.

Also for the same reason, the articles may contain errors or information on which we at Kadacha Editions disagree, but we publish them for the purpose of generating healthy debates.
Feel free to contact us you if you find mistakes or have questions.


How does it work?
Simple: click on the title you are interested in, the Kadacha Editions shopping page opens and you follow the instructions.

The vast majority of the titles present are on donation, someone free (from a dollar up) and others with a suggested minimum donation.
Once you have sent it you will receive an email that containing a link. By clicking on it you will access the index or the folder of the title.


This access is for life. In other words, once you have purchased the right of entry, you will have it forever.
It is important that you know that you are not only purchasing the documents present at the time of purchase, but also everything that will be added in the future.


To be informed of the various updates, you must subscribe to the corresponding article (you find the link on the Kadacha Editions title you have chosen) and you will receive the notice to your email.


Keep your login links.
But if you lose them it doesn’t matter. Just write to us and we will provide them to you.


The Vedic Library
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