The six son of Devaki killed by Kamsa upon their birth (the Sad Garbhas)

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Sri Krsna told Bali Maharaja:

“O lord of the Daityas, during the manvantara of Svayambhuva, six demigod-like sons were born in the womb of Urna-devi, the wife of Maharsi Marici. Their names were Smara, Udgitha, Parisvanga, Patanga, Ksudrabhrta and Ghrni.

Seeing Brahma running after his own daughter (namely Sarasvati) they mocked him. As a result of this sin they took demoniac births as the sons of Kalanemi who was the son of Hiranyakasipu.

After they took birth from Kalanemi, these six personalities performed intense austerities to worship the universal grandsire Brahma, unbeknown to their own grandfather Hiranyakasipu.

Brahma, being satisfied with their extreme penances, granted them the boon of protection from death according to their prayers.

But Hiranyakasipu wasn’t happy about this and cursed them to be killed by their father.

So Kalanemi was born as Kamsa and these six named Hamsa, Suvikrama, Kratha, Damana, Ripu-mardana and Krodha-hanta was born as Devaki’s sons and killed by Kamsa (Kalanemi’s reincarnation).

Devaki’s six sons were known as Sad Garbhas.

As they were killed by Kamsa, they took birth again in Sutala (lower planetary system), Bali Maharaja’s planet. So Sri Krishna said to him that Devaki wanted to see them again and that after they will be freed of all curses and go back to the spiritual world.


This is just a summary of the story. The complete one will be told in our next book.






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