The seven tongues of Agni

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Yagya Datt Muni has told that #Agni has three Jihvaa (tongue or flames) – Hiranyaa, Kanakaa, and Krishnaa;
BUt with the difference of their types, these Jihvaa are of seven types –
(1) Vishwamoorti,
(2) Sphulinginee,
(3) Dhoomravarnaa,
(4) Manojavaa,
(5) Lohitaasyaa,
(6) Karaalaasyaa,
(7) Kaalee.
These tongues are different with the difference of Samidhaa.
Bahuroopaa, Atiroopaa, and Saatwikaa – these Agni Jihvaa are used in Yog Karm.
In Aagyaa Hom it becomes Hiranyaa Agni;
by doing Havan with Tri-Madhu (milk, sugar and honey mixed in equal quantity) it becomes Karnikaa Agni;
by doing Havan with pure milk it becomes Raktaa Agni;
in Naityik (daily) Karm it becomes Prabhaa Agni;
in Pushp Hom it becomes Bahuroopaa Agni;
when doing Havan with Ann and Kheer it becomes Krishnaa Agni;
in Ikshu Hom it becomes Paraagaa Agni;
in Padm Hom it becomes Suvarnaa and Lohitaa Agni;
when Havan is done with Bilva leaves it becomes Shwetaa Agni;
in Til (sesame seed) Hom it becomes Dhoominee Agni;
in Kaashth (wood) Hom it becomes Karaalikaa Agni;
in Pitra Hom it becomes Lohitaasyaa Agni;
in Dev Hom it becomes Manojavaa Agni.
Whatever Samidhaa (the wood or the material to be put in fire) is used in Havan, Vaishwaanar Dev exists in those Samidhaa. When an Aahuti is offered in Agni. Agni Dev helps in all phases of life. One should offer Aahuti in the mouth of Agni, if it is offered at some other place it gives wrong results. Hiranyaa is the tongue of Agni while offering Aahuti with Ghee; while in other Aahuti it is called Gananaa, Vakraa, Krishnaabhaa, Suprabhaa, Bahuroopaa, and Atiroopaa.
(Bhavishya Puraan, p 238)
Mahaanirvaan Tantra (p 196) describes seven tongues of Fire like this –
(1) Kaalee – the Black One which brings about the end at the destined time (Maarkandeya Puraan, xcix, Hymn to Agni)
(2) Karaalee – the Dreadful One – the cause of the Great Dissolution of the world (Maarkandeya Puraan, xcix, Hymn to Agni)
(3) Manojavaa – swift as thought because of its quality of lightness (Maarkandeya Puraan, xcix, Hymn to Agni),
(4) Sulohitaa – the Ruddy One, very red which accomplishes the desire of created things (Maarkandeya Puraan, xcix, Hymn to Agni)
(5) Su-Dhoomra Varnaa – who is of smoky color which causes sickness amongst breathings (Maarkandeya Puraan, xcix, Hymn to Agni)
(6) Sphulinginee – having sparks of Fire because it is altogether shapeless (Maarkandeya Puraan, xcix, Hymn to Agni)
(7) Vishwa-Niroopinee – that which makes manifest Universe, bestows blessings on all breathing things (Maarkandeya Puraan, xcix, Hymn to Agni). The Puraan reads Vishwaas-da (bestowing confidence), or Vishwa-srij (creating the Universe)
Seven tongues of Fire are described thus in Naarad Puraan –
(1) Hiranyaa, (2) Kanakaa, (3) Raktaa, (4) Aaraktaa, (5) Suprabhaa, (6) Bahuroopaa, and (7) Satee.
(Bhavishya Puraan, p 254)

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