The Seven Mothers of a Civilized Society

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According to Vedic civilization, there are seven mothers.

ādau-mātā guroḥ patnī

brahmaṇī rāja-patnikā

dhenur dhatrī tathā pṛthvī

sapta eta mataraḥ smṛtaḥ[1]

Ādau-mātā, real mother

Guru-patnī, the wife of guru

Brahmaṇi, the wife of a brāhmaṇa

Rāja-patnikā, the queen, the wife of the king

Dhenu, cow, who is mother because you are drinking her milk

Dhatrī, the nurse

Dharitrī, earth

All of them should be considered as and treated as mothers.

[1] Nīti Śāstra, by Canakya Pandita


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