The Russian House in Vrindavan

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Iskcon devotees in Vrindavan
October 18, 2020 ·
Hare Krishna, dear devotees !!!
Please accept our humble obeisances.

The Russian House in Vrindavan has served faithfully and has been a shelter for many devotees from different parts of the world over the past few years.

Wonderful spiritual festivals and programs were held here, many spiritual teachers gave lectures and seminars for hundreds of devotees during Kartika and Gaura Purnima, for several years studying was conducted at the Vaishnava Academy Vrindavan and more than 350 devotees from around the world received diplomas in Bhakti Shastri and other ISKCON Courses.

But on the way to Krishna, the Lord periodically tests us. The Lord undoubtedly always gives these tests only for the good !!! But sometimes these tests are so difficult that you can’t handle them alone.

And now the situation in the Russian House in Vrindavan is very difficult and we humbly request you for your help. Because only by the causeless mercy of Radharani, Krishna and Their dear devotees all difficulties can be solved.

Some local officials are trying to create big problems and are threatening to demolish the upper floors, and there is a group of persons who want to remove all foreigners out of their homes by capturing the property of the Russian House. The house administration continues to work with the Indian government and lawyers are already finding ways to solve these issues.

But we really need your help and support. And first of all – spiritual support. All these external problems are meant to help us change, become more serious devotees, and thus take another step towards Krishna. For this, it is necessary that each of us correctly understands what Krishna’s lesson is for him in this situation, and so that together we can sincerely ask for help from Krishna and form the Guru-parampara. It is not easy to do, and we are very dependent on your mercy and blessings!
We humbly request you to support the Russian House and the Russian Community of ISKCON devotees in Vrindavan with kirtan and your sincere prayers and at spiritual programs. We really want to continue serving you in Vrindavan, and we hope that with your blessings we can continue to do so.
With endless gratitude and humble obeisances to all the devotees – well-wishers – residents of the Russian House and devotees of the Russian Community of ISKCON devotees in Vrindavan.

Dear devotees, please send this message to everyone you know.

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