The Ramayana in English now available in HARD COVER!

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Finally, after 35 years from the publication of the first edition in Italian and the recent version in Spanish, we have managed to publish the English version as well of the most wonderful Ramayana of Valmiki Muni.
We are absolutely certain that you will enjoy it very much.


Go Buy it

Available in hard and softcover, paperback, Kindle, and PDF versions.



Table of Contents





The Initial Inspiration

Historical Notes

Geographical Hints

Notes Of Philosophical Nature

How Can the Ramayana be of Importance in Modern Reality?

How to Understand the Ramayana?

India’s Treasures

Can We Learn Something Practical?

The Ramayana: Allegory or Historical Event?

To Dispell Some Perplexities

The Structure Of This Edition




Bala Kanda

Narada Muni Narrates the Ramayana to Valmiki

The Birth Of the Sloka Style

Valmiki’s Mission

Rama’s Sons

Kusha and Lava Narrate the Ramayana to Their Father

The Narration Of the Ramayana Begins

Dasaratha’s Desire


The Yajna

The Concerns Of the Devas

Dasaratha’s Wives Pregnancies

The Devas Incarnate On Earth

Dasaratha’s Four Sons

Visvamitra’s Arrival

Rama and Laksmana leave with Visvamitra

Story Of Tataka

The Battle With The Demons Maricha and Subahu.

Story Of Ahalya

Rama Sees Sita For The First Time

Sita and Rama’s Marriage


Years of Happiness


Ayodhya Kanda

Dasaratha Wants to Crown Rama


In Exile

Arrival In Citrakuta

Dasaratha’s Curse

Bharata and Satrughna Return to Ayodhya

Bharata Invites Rama to Return

Visit To The Sage Kanva


Aranya Kanda

In Dandaka: Rama Kills Viradha

The Hermitage of Sarabhanga

Agastya Rewards Rama

Pancavati and Jatayu


The Battle Against the 14,000 Raksasas

Akampana Tells What Happened to Ravana

Ravana Goes to Maricha

Surpanakha Wants Revenge

Maricha Is Forced

The Golden Deer

Laksmana Leaves Sita Alone

Ravana Kidnaps Sita

Jatayu Defeated by Ravana

Sita Leaves Clues

Rama and Laksmana Understand the Deception

Jatayu’s Death


Kabandha Leads Rama To the Vanaras


Kiskindha Kanda

Spring Without Sita

The Vanaras

Hanuman Meets Rama

The Pact With Sugriva

Vali’s Story

Sita’s Shawl And Bracelet

The Battle Between Sugriva and Bali

Vali’s Death

Sugriva Is Crowned King

Time Tortures Rama

Looking For Sita

The Journey Of Hanuman’s Group

Sampati Helps the Vanaras

Hanuman Prepares to Leap to Lanka


Sundara Kanda

Hanuman’s Leap

The Mountain Mainaka

The Surasa Demon

The Raksasi Simhika

Arrival in Lanka

Ravana’s City

Looking for Sita

Sita is Located In the Asoka Garden

Ravana Visiting Sita

Trijata’s Dream

Hanuman Speaks to Sita

The Story Of the Crow

Hanuman Gets Captured

The Meeting With Ravana

Hanuman Devastates Lanka

Hanuman’s Return

The Good News


Yuddha Kanda

Preparations For War

Ravana Determined to Fight

Vibhisana Abandons Ravana and Joins Rama

Messenger Shuka

Rama Forces Varuna to Let Them Pass

The Construction Of the Bridge

Rama’s Army Arrives in Lanka

Ravana Sees the Enemy’s Army

The Magician’s Trick

Bad Warning Signs

Sugriva Challenges Ravana

The Start Of the War

The Mighty Indrajit

Sita on the Battlefield

Ravana’s Major Generals Lose Their Lives


Rama Kills Kumbhakarna


Indrajit Returns To The Battlefield

Hanuman Brings Mountains to Lanka

Indrajit Defeated

Rama and Ravana Confront Each Other On the Battlefield

Rama Kills Ravana

The Funeral

Rama Meets Sita

Sita’s Test

The Devas Congratulate

Rama Prepares to Return to Ayodhya

On the Throne

The Reign of Rama


Uttara Kanda

The History Of The Raksasas

The Other Race of Raksasas

The Raksasa Lineage of the Pulastya Line

Birth and Life of Ravana

Those Who Had Defeated Ravana

Story Of Hanuman

Sita Becomes Pregnant

Criticism of Rama

Sita In Exile

The Story Of Nimi and Vasistha

The Arrival of Cyavana

The Birth of Sita’s Children

Satrughna Kills Lavana and Founds Mathura

Satrughna Listens to the Ramayana

Agastya Tells Rama A Story

The Story of Dandakaranya

The arrival of Valmiki and Sita’s Son in Ayodhya

Kusha and Lava Recite the Ramayana To Their Father

Sita’s Departure

The Return Of Laksmana and Rama To Vaikuntha

Valmiki Blesses the Ramayana Readers







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