The Nectar of Devotion – CHAPTER NINE – SEEING THE DEITY

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In the Varāha Purāṇa there is a statement praising the seeing of the Deity of Śrī Kṛṣṇa in the temple. A devotee says there,
“My dear Vasundharā, any person who goes to Vṛndāvana and sees the Deity of Govinda-deva is free from the courthouse of Yamarāja and is allowed to enter into the highest planetary system, in which reside the demigods.”
This means that even an ordinary person who goes to Vṛndāvana out of inquisitiveness and by chance sees the temple, especially that of Govinda-deva, even if he is not elevated to the spiritual kingdom, is still assured promotion to the higher planetary systems. This means that simply by visiting the Deity of Govinda in Vṛndāvana one becomes highly elevated in pious life.

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