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One thing to bear in mind is that Rasikarani Rasikaraja are living, real personalities. They are not some intellectual agreement, They are the Supreme Personalities Of Goloka Nikunja! They are the true Relishers of everything. Krishna says in the Bhagavad Gita that as you surrender unto Them They will award accordingly. So as you try to please Them, They will please You! It’s alright for you to feel ecstatic You are Sat cit Ananda, Blissfullness reciprocated with your Best Friends!


This is the most important part of the whole Sadhana. Its imperative, compulsory, no choice, It has to be done, To read everyday something about nama, rupa, guna and lila. It’s also more mandatory to tell something to someone about Nayika Nayaka (Heroine / Hero) everyday. And as you remember what you are sharing, you should be aware that They appreciate Their devotees glorifying Them!


Your day is coming to a close and you prepare for the evening program. Singing in the shower is a great policy. Of course you most likely won’t have to note this down as you will be feeling a sense of satisfaction and bliss in this real relationship that is developing in your heart!


Sandhya Arati represents that Nanda Baba has arranged some entertainment for his son. Either a puppet show. or a juggling act, or a maybe a magic show, or a comedy routine, etc. So you join the other devotees in a bliss full Kirtan with ecstatic dancing and singing. You are Radha Radha kanta’s evening entertainment, so cook it up For Their Pleasure!


After Arati, it’s the Bhagavad gita class, then some time is there before the hot milk. Sit with your Rasika associates and read the Krishna Book with the thoughts of serenading the Divine Couple, then take your hot milk and prepare for rest.


In the old days, we read from five books a day. First the Bhagavatam class, then before lunch there was the Nectar Of Devotion for fifteen to twenty minutes. Then between lunch and Sandhya Arati, was The Teachings Of Lord Caitanya, then Bhagavad Gita Class, then Krishna Book. This was a good system as you can get a well rounded education of Prabhupada’s books.


This is a section of the book “For Their Pleasure”.

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