The Aksauhini at Kuruksetra

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In the Maha-bharata it is described how an Aksauhini it’s formed and who brought such a force to help the Pandava or the Kauravas. This information it’s found in the Adi Parva 2.19 up to 26.


One elephant (Gaja), one chariot (Ratha), three horses (Asva) and five foot soldiers (Padhata) form a Patti;

Three Pattis form a Sena-Mukha;

Three Sena-Mukhas make a Gulma;

Three Gulmas a Gana;

Three Ganas a Vahini;

Three Vahinis a Pruthana;

Three Pruthanas a Chamu;

Three Chamus an  Anikini;

Ten Anikinis form an Akshauhini.


Thus an Akshauhini = 21,870 elephants, 21,870 chariots, 65,610 Horses, and 109,350 foot soldiers.



The Pandava Army had 7 Akshauhinis, formed in this way:

Satyaki of the Vrishni clan – 1 Akshauhini

Ghatotkacha – 1 Akshauhini

Dhrishtaketu, king of Chedis – 1 Akshauhini

Sahadeva, son of Jarasandha – 1 Akshauhini

Drupada with his sons – 1 Akshauhini

Virata the king of Matsya – 1 Akshauhini

Pandya, Chola and other allies – 1 Akshauhini




The Kuru Army had 11 Akshauhinis, formed by:

Bhagadatta – 1 Akshauhini

Shalya king of Madra – 1 Akshauhini

Nila of Mahishmati – 1 Akshauhini (from south)

Kritavarma (Krishna’s Narayani sena of Yadavas) – 1 Akshauhini

Jayadratha (Saindhava) – 1 Akshauhini

Sudakshina , king of Kambhoja – 1 Akshauhini (has Yavanas & Sakas in his troops)

Vinda and Anuvinda (from Avanti) – 1 Akshauhini

Kalinga Forces – 1 Akshauhini

Shakuni of Gandhara – 1 Akshauhini

Susharma of Trigarta – 1 Akshauhini

Kurus and other Allies – 1 Akshauhini





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