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One important requirement to gaining the Lord’s mercy is to reveal to Them all the dirty and bad things that you have done in your life. An example may be given, of a father who, while looking out the window, sees his son going off around the corner with his friends to smoke a cigarette. The father, being concerned about the well being of his dear son, may feel a punishment is in order. But first he wants to see what kind of integrity his son has. When the boy enters the house, his father inquires,

“So my dear boy, how was your day today?”

The son replies,

“O, just like everyday.” The father then asks,

“You do what you did today everyday?”

Now the son is getting that bad feeling in the stomach that his father knows of his smoking. Because the son is actually a good boy, he reveals to his beloved father,

“Father, today I smoked a cigarette.”

The father feels two things; the need to chastise his son in hopes of correcting his worthy son from going bad and becoming more degraded. At the same time he feels proud of his son because of his integrity and honesty to admit what he did.


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