Sva-nistha bhakta-nistha

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Do you know why when Mother Yasoda was trying to tie up that Makhan Chore that she kept ending up being two fingers too short? It’s because the two fingers represented a certain specific siddhanta. One finger represented Sva-nistha and the other represented Bhakta-nistha.


Sva-nistha is Krishna’s determination and bhakta-nistha is the devotee’s determination. When ever there is any competition with Krishna and His devotee, Krishna always relents to His devotees.


Yasoda Maiya said,

“I am going to tie You up!”

Krishna would then say,

”O no you’re not!”

“O yes I am!”

“O no you are not!”

“O yes I am!”


And when Krishna sees you are so determined (Bhakta-nistha) after his resistance (Sva-nistha), then He will surrender to the determination of the devotee’s desire to come to His lotus feet. For it is said by all the Acaryas, that the only requirement to enter into the pure devotional service of Nikunja is Laulyam, greed, greed and more burning yearning greed. When Their pleasure means more to you then your own breath! It won’t be so strong at first, but as they say it’s a gradual process, just like a crawling infant. One day he will be running. So,

“Come on baby! Keep coming! Come on baby! We are waiting for you!”

Srila Prabhupada has given the invitation. The Parampara has paved the way. It’s what we need to do They are waiting for us! And its what we have been looking for forever in all the ways we have tried to be happy and tried to love.


So I hope that some of you will pray for Their mercy and succeed in the goal of life. It’s why you were born! So now you can please the divine Couple and serve Them In the Eternal World For Their Pleasure!



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