Sura Devi (Varuni)

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She is also known as Varuni, the daughter of Varuna.

When the Devas and the Asuras churned the sea of Milk, four damsels were caused to arise by Varuna and holy pot of Amrita, by Soma. The four damsels were Sulaksmi, Varuni, Kamoda and Srestha, of whom Varuni was married by Devas.
(Padma Purana, Bhumi Khanda, Chapter 119) .

She is the presiding Devata over some kind liquor. She lives in the court of Brahma worshipping him.
(Maha-bharata, Sabha Parva, Chapter 11, Verse 42;
Adi Parva, Chapter 18, Verse 35 and Chapter 66, Verse 52 ).




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