Srimad-Bhagavatam 1.9.21

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ŚB 1.9.21

सर्वात्मन: समद‍ृशो ह्यद्वयस्यानहङ्‍कृते: ।
तत्कृतं मतिवैषम्यं निरवद्यस्य न क्‍वचित् ॥ २१ ॥
sarvātmanaḥ sama-dṛśo
hy advayasyānahaṅkṛteḥ
tat-kṛtaṁ mati-vaiṣamyaṁ
niravadyasya na kvacit


sarvaātmanaḥ — of one who is present in everyone’s heart; samadṛśaḥ — of one who is equally kind to one and all; hi — certainly; advayasya — of the Absolute; anahaṅkṛteḥ — free from all material identity of false ego; tatkṛtam — everything done by Him; mati — consciousness; vaiṣamyam — differentiation; niravadyasya — freed from all attachment; na — never; kvacit — at any stage.


Being the Absolute Personality of Godhead, He is present in everyone’s heart. He is equally kind to everyone, and He is free from the false ego of differentiation. Therefore whatever He does is free from material inebriety. He is equibalanced.


Because He is absolute, there is nothing different from Him. He is kaivalya; there is nothing except Himself. Everything and everyone is the manifestation of His energy, and thus He is present everywhere by His energy, being nondifferent from it. The sun is identified with every inch of the sun rays and every molecular particle of the rays. Similarly, the Lord is distributed by His different energies. He is Paramātmā, or the Supersoul, present in everyone as the supreme guidance, and therefore He is already the chariot driver and counsel of all living beings. When He, therefore, exhibits Himself as chariot driver of Arjuna, there is no change in His exalted position. It is the power of devotional service only that demonstrates Him as the chariot driver or the messenger. Since He has nothing to do with the material conception of life because He is absolute spiritual identity, there is for Him no superior or inferior action. Being the Absolute Personality of Godhead, He has no false ego, and so He does not identify Himself with anything different from Him. The material conception of ego is equibalanced in Him. He does not feel, therefore, inferior by becoming the chariot driver of His pure devotee. It is the glory of the pure devotee that only he can bring about service from the affectionate Lord.

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