Six Poisons of the mind

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Kāma – self-referent desires (solipsism) which priorities one’s one desires and ignores the needs or wants of others.

Krodha – anger – a primitive and destructive reaction to frustrated desires and hopes and expectations.

Moha – self-delusion and self-aggrandisement, thinking oneself and one’s desires to be more important and worthy than anyone else.

Mada – arrogance – hubris, a sense of pathological self-esteem and an inability to be gracious, admit fault and to compromise.

Lobha – greed or selfishness – the desire to retain all resources and surpluses for oneself without sharing with others.

Mātsarya – malicious envy of what others have or aspire to. It is of three kinds (1) envy of those that have what one has, (2) envy of those that have more or better than oneself and (3) envy of those who are not suffering to the same degree as oneself.



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