Seva-kunja, Vrindavana


Seva-kunja, Vrindavana

This place is also called Nikunjavana. It lies just near the temple of Sri Radha-Damodara, to the south-west. A painting of Srimati Radhika with Sri Krishna massaging Her feet is worshipped here in a small temple.

It is a garden where Radha and Krishna performed the rasa lila dance. Krishna would decorate her hair with flowers and also her lotus feet with blossoms.

The Vrajavasis say that even today Sri Radha-Krishna Yugala perform Their pastimes here every night. Everyone therefore leaves this kunja at dusk. Even the impudent monkeys independently leave this kunja as the evening falls. From time to time it happens that someone stubbornly tries to remain here during the night, and in the morning is found dead. Others have by some means escaped death, but have become completely insane.

Bhakta Rasakhana searched for Krishna all over Vraja but without success. Finally, he had darsana of rasika Sri Krishna at this very place. He has revealed this in his beautiful poetry as follows:
dekhyo duryo vah kunj kutir mem baithyo palotat radhika payan
“Standing in the doorway of the kunja, I watch Krishna as He sits massaging Radhika’s feet submissively.” [The word palota here indicates that Krishna is massaging in the mood, “I will not go to Candravali’s kunja again.”]

In Seva-kunja, we also find Lalita-kunda. When Lalita was feeling thirsty during rasa, Krishna manifested this beautiful kunda by digging it with His flute. Lalita and the sakhis drank the kunda’s sweet, cool water and refreshed themselves.

There is a keli-kadamba tree nearby whose every knot bulges out and resembles a round salagrama.



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