Sat Kriya Sara Dipika, Part Eighteen

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by Shrila Gopala Bhatta Gosvami


Vivaha Karma (marriage)


Herein the procedures for weddings are explained.


Jnati Karma (rites performed by relatives):


On the morning of the wedding the bride and groom should be ceremoniously bathed by relatives and friends with scented water at their homes.


The body of the bride should be rubbed with powdered mung, urad, masur and barley for purification.


The name of the groom should be written on a leaf and thrown in a pot of water. A small portion of this water should be poured over the bride’s head with the mantra:


om prajapatih vishnu rishih
gayatri chandah
shri vishnuh devata
jnati karmani kanyayah sharira-plavane viniyogah
om vishnu deva shri vishnu namasi




samanaya …….(name of groom)


prahva te abhavat
param-atra janmagneh


tapaso nirmito’sti svaha “Oh Lord, you are known as Vishnu, the all-pervading. Bring (name of groom) together with the bride. She has been obedient to you and within her body is the supreme fire of creation, made powerful by her austerities.”


A small portion of water should be poured below her navel with the mantra:


om prajapatih vishnu rishih
madhyo-jyotir-jagati chandah
shri vishnuh devata
jnati karmani kanyayah nabheradhodesha-prakshalane viniyogah
om imam adhodesham nabheh madhuna prakshalayami
prajapateh mukham-etat dvitiyam
tena pumso ‘bhibhavasi sarvan
avashan vashini asi rajni svaha


“I wash her below the navel with honey. That is the second face of Prajapati. By that you conquer all uncontrollable men. Your are the ruler, the controller.”


One should then pour a little water on her head, and the rest over the other parts of her body with the mantra:


om prajapatih vishnu rishih
uparishta-jyotir-trishtup chandah
shri vishnuh devata
jnati karmani kanyayah shira adi pada paryanta sarva-sharira plavane viniyogah
om tad vishnoh paramam padam
sada pashyanti surayah
diviva cakshur atatam


“The devotees continually see the supreme abode of Vishnu, which, like the sun in the sky, spreads its brilliance through the whole universe.”


Sampradanam (giving the bride away)


When the auspicious hour arrives, the ceremony should start with the reception of the groom. A cow should be tied in the North side of the room.


The father of the bride should sit facing North and perform Acamana.


@When the groom enters the room, the father should recite ??????Vishnu Smaranam and Svasti Vacanam (see appendix II)


Then the father says to the groom:


om sadhu bhavan astam


“Welcome, be comfortable.”


The groom replies:


om sadhu aham ase


“I have been well received.”


The father says :


om arcayishyamo bhavantam


“I shall now worship you.”


The groom replies:


om arcaya


“Please perform the worship.”


The father should worship him by offering candana, garland, rings, upavita and upper and lower cloth, saying:


etani gandha-pushpa vasamsi om varaya namah


The groom should accept the items saying:


om svasti


The father should fold his hands and say:


om vishnuh om tat sat
….mase (month)
….rashi sthe bhaskare (zodiac sign)
….pakshe (fortnight)
….tithau (tithi)
kanyadan artham ebhih gandhadibhih abhyarcya,
bhavantam aham varatvena vrine


“Today, at this time, ……..having honored you with gandha etc. I select you as the suitable husband to whom I shall give my daughter.”


The groom replies:


om vrito ‘smi


“I accept.”


The bride, covered up, should be escorted around the standing groom seven times by her women friends. The bride should then be uncovered, and the bride and groom should see each other, and exchange garlands.


The father should say:


om prajapatih vishnu rishih
anushtup chandah
arhaniya goh vishnuh devata
gavopasthapane viniyogah
om arhana putravasa sa dhenur-abhavad yame
sa nah payasvati duha uttaram-uttaram samam


“The worshipable cow gives abundant milk. May he milk her year after year.”

Sat Kriya Sara Dipika, Part Eighteen


Oct 24, 2016 — CANADA (SUN) — By Shrila Gopala Bhatta Gosvami. Printed by The Bhaktivedanta Academy, Mayapur (1995).


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