Samika Rishi

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A muni. He remained with herds of cattle and performed tapas feeding himself on the foam from the mouth of calves drinking their mother’s milk.

He was the father of Srngi, who-cursed king Pariksit, who once threw a dead snake on the neck of Samika. The curse was that he would die within seven days of the incident by snake-bite.
For details see under Pariksit, Para 3.


2) Other information.

i) Samika worships Indra in his court. (Sabha Parva, Chapter 7, Verse 16).

ii) Samika too was present on the occasion when Vyasa called up and showed Janamejaya the souls of dead kings.
(Asvamedhika Parva, Chapter 35, Verse 8) .




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