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Brahmanas performing a fire sacrifice. They are honored members and participants.

सदस्य m. #sadasya member
सदस्या f. sadasyA member
सदस्य m. sadasya person belonging to a learned court-circle
सदस्य m. sadasya superintending priest
सदस्य m. sadasya member of an assembly
सदस्य m. sadasya spectator
सदस्य m. sadasya assessor
सदस्य m. sadasya seventeenth priest
सदस्य m. sadasya present in the sacrificial enclosure
सदस्य m. sadasya assistant at sacrifice

1. fellow countable noun
A fellow of a society or academic institution is a member of it.

2. member countable noun
A member of a group or organization is one of the people, animals, or things belonging to it.

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