Repeating the Same Mistake

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Why are we not able to chant quality rounds??
Why are we not getting taste in devotion??

Because we are repeating the same mistake which we did in the spiritual world!

When we were in the spiritual world we wanted to enjoy,We kept ourselves at the 1st priority and the lord at the last in our priority list…because of this we were kicked out from there and put in this jail so that our consciousness is purified.

If we analyse properly then we are repeating the same mistake even here…In devotion we are trying to serve Krsna in various ways primarily by Chanting,kirtan,deity worship,reading and hearing about him…Out of which Chanting is most accounts for 99% of our spiritual advancement.

In the middle of chanting one of the many things we do is…
-attend a phone call keeping our beads aside
-checking watsapp msgs
-attending the person who knocks the door
-talking to people around etc etc

by doing all this subconsciously we want to accommodate Krsna in OUR Schedule,but the question is why will krsna want to adjust in our schedule…is he in need of us or our we in need of him???

When we are chanting we are actually fixing an appointment with Krsna and the meeting proceeds as we keep chanting…In the middle of this important meeting with most important personality if we attend a phone call or check message or do any activity its like telling Krsna wait I have got something more important than you.I will get back to you in sometime!!!!! so we give him LAST PRIORITY.How stupid of us?? if we don’t need him and he is in a great need of us!!

Even while fixing this appointment (chanting) with him we select a time according to our convenience afternoon,evening or late night etc after doing all our work..most of the time this work is for our sense gratification…our enjoyment!!so again here we give him LAST PRIORITY!

When some important meeting or exam or project etc comes we cancel the appointment(chanting) with him…saying sorry this is more important we can meet tomorrow!! So again here we give him the LAST PRIORITY!

This is a big list which has Krsna at the LAST PRIORITY!!

So how can we expect to get taste in devotion when Krsna is at the last priority…This is just repeating the same mistake again and again…n finally we remain in this world forever!!!!

so how can we give him the 1st priority??

Fix the appointment early in the morning…dedicated 2 hours(Not in installments)…we shldnt do any work at this time…all material activities should pause for 2 hours…Early morning ensures that we start our day with our Lord and dedicated 2 hours proves that how important the meeting is!!!

No one should be entertained in between this important meeting…because no one in this world is more important than Krsna!!!!
No meeting…No Exam…No project can be more important than Krsna..So no chance of cancelling the meeting!!

In this way at every place if we prioritize Krsna first..then there is some hope of going back else no chance!!! else we will be just repeating the same mistake by which we are here!!

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