Reincarnation, UFO and aliens

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Hare Krishna! I have a question for Gurudeva. When we talk about reincarnation it is as if we always take for granted that we are always and only reincarnated here on planet earth … based on the Vedas we know that there are many inhabited planets, many of us are sometimes fascinated by “UFO”, on the existence of “extraterrestrials” but perhaps we ourselves are or have been “aliens”, we have reincarnated and / or we will reincarnate on other planets, I wish Maharaja could explain this point better, thank you!



The idea that planet Earth is central to the universal economy and that anyone who lives or comes from another planet is “alien” (recalling the films of monsters and invaders of our youth) is the result of an “ignorant” conception. Man “ignores” because he wants knowledge based only on his own senses and intelligence, which are limited. In doing so, he binds himself to a prehistoric dimension, at the level of our ancestors who spent time grunting and trying to understand what fire was. Of course, we don’t accept this part of the story either. I am using this childish image only for ease of conversation.

Scientists have no proof that we are alone in creation and that there is desert on other planets. We don’t even see the air around us, what value do our eyes have?

We do not have scientific “sensorial” proof (pratyaksa pramana) that there is life in all the planets of the universe as this universe is created in multi-dimensionality. However, if we really need to choose a source of knowledge to rely on to accept even things that we cannot yet understand or see, between the scientists and the Vedas we certainly choose the latter.

The Vedas say that the soul goes from body to body depending on its state of consciousness (yam yam svapi smaran bhavam). It does not place limits on bodies (whether human, animal, vegetable or mineral) nor does it specify on which planet. If we could only reincarnate in human form and only on this planet because it is the only inhabited area, they would have said so.

No one can tell if any of us in our previous life was on this planet or another. Whether we were on Mangala (Mars), Shani (Saturn) or Budha (Mercury). But there are certainly no foreclosures on which planet one can be born and live. The whole material universe is full of life.


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