Rasikananda in Kasipura

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While staying in Gopiballabhpur, one day Syamananda Prabhu asked Rasika-nanda Prabhu to sit in front of him and said to him with affection,

“Dear Rasika, please give me one thing in charity.”

Rasikananda shyly replied with folded hands,

“I have already surrendered my body, mind and life at your lotus feet. What else do I have which may be given to you? Nevertheless, just command me and I will carry out your order as if it were an injuction of the Vedas.” 

 Hearing this, Syamananda Prabhu said:

 “Please distribute the Sri Hari Nama Maha-mantra to everyone in Utkal, from the brahmanas up to the chandalas, to men and women, kings and paupers, old persons, brahmacharis, grhasthas, vanaprasthas and sannyasis without any discrimination.”

The instructions of Syamananda are perfectly in line with all the sastras, which give utmost importance to the chanting of the Hare Krishna Mantra. Srimad-Bhagavatam (1.6.34) says:

etad dhy ātura-cittānāṁ

mātrā-sparśecchayā muhuḥ

bhava-sindhu-plavo dṛṣṭo



It is personally experienced by me that those who are always full of cares and anxieties due to desiring contact of the senses with their objects can cross the ocean of nescience on a most suitable boat — the constant chanting of the transcendental activities of the Personality of Godhead.


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