Rasa Festival in Sri Gopiballabhpur

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While he was residing in the house of Sri Rasamaya in Dharenda, Syamananda Prabhu once instructed Rasikananda Prabhu to organize such a Rasa Festival in Sri Gopiballabhpur that the inhabitants of the whole universe would become astonished.

Abiding by the order of his Gurudeva, in 1621 Sri Rasikananda Prabhu organized a transcendental Rasa Festival. It was attended by innumerable Vaisnavas from Vrindavana, Navadvipa, Puri, Ayodhya, Dvaraka and many other parts of India. It was so splendid and successful that all the participants returned to their homes fully satisfied exclaiming,

“All glories to Sri Rasikananda Prabhu!”

The water from the feet[1] of one hundred thousand Vaisnavas was collected at that time and is still available in Sri Gopiballabhpur and at the Sri Sri Radha-Syamasundara Temple in Sri Vrindavan.

While Syamananda Prabhu was in Sri Gopiballabhpur he received the information that a Mughal officer, Ahmadi Beg, was oppressing the residents of Radha Nagar. The officer was forcibly usurping the lands and wealth donated to Syamananda Prabhu and Rasikananda Prabhu by several kings and landlords of Odisha for the service of Radha Krishna, the sadhus and the Vaisnavas.

Syamananda Prabhu instructed Rasikananda Prabhu to get back all the properties. Abiding by his Gurudeva’s order, in 1623 AD Sri Rasikananda Prabhu arrived in Vanapur at the palace of the King of Mayurabhanj, Sri Vaidyanatha, accompanied by Vamsi Dasa and other disciples.

[1] It’s called caranamrita.


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