Radharani accused

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There is a statement in the Vidagdha-madhava wherein Srimati Radharani, in an angry mood, addressed Her mother, Paurnamasi, after she had accused Radharani of going to Krishna.

“My dear mother,” Radha declared, “what can I say to you? Krishna is so cruel that He often attacks Me on the street, and if I want to cry out very loudly, this boy with a peacock feather on His head immediately covers My face so that I cannot cry. And if I want to go away from the scene because I am afraid of Him, He will immediately spread His arms to block My path. If I piteously fall down at His feet, then this enemy of the Madhu demon, in an angry mood, bites My face! Mother, just try to understand My situation, and don’t be unnecessarily angry with Me. Instead, please tell Me how I can save Myself from these terrible attacks of Krishna!”

(From Nectar of Devotion)



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