Radha Nagari

In Sanket there is the place of Radha Nagari. It is not very well known, and not many devotees visit it.

This secret place is named after the gopi called Radha Nagari. 

Radharani and Krishna meet in Sanket. These plays which take place in different kunjas, in different places, last all night. 

 At the end of the night, Radha and Krishna are sleeping peacefully, and one of the services of Vrinda-devi is to awaken the Divine Couple. 


After awakening, Radha and Krishna must quickly return to their homes so that their relatives will not notice their absence. 

When Radha returns home, many Her friends of the gopis follow her, who help her sneak into the house unnoticed. Then all these gopis go to their homes to also slip unnoticed. 


This gopi, Radha Nagari, when she returned home, was seen by her relatives and they began to think where she had been absent all night and the next day they forbade her to go and serve Radharani. 

And this young girl, who was excommunicated from her parents, stood all day in her room crying. This is similar to the case when many gopis of their relatives forbade going on a beautiful autumn night to dance the race. The gopis, who were not allowed to enter Krishna, felt such a strong separation that some of them left their bodies and went to Goloka Vrindavana.


The next morning, Radharani went to prepare for Krishna, and all the gopis were with Her, but someone noticed that Radha Nagari is not with them and reported this to Radharani. 

They said that relatives suspected her of something, because she was out all night. 

Although She was preparing to cook for Krishna, Radharani went to the house of Radha Nagari, and She had some weighty arguments to explain to Radha Nagari’s relatives of her absence from the night. 

Radharani told Radha-nagari’s family that yesterday She had a bad cold and Radha Nagari was so kind that she came and looked after her all night, she helped She, and at the end of the night Radharani sent her home, and so she returned so late.


The Gosvamis describe that when the relatives of Radha Nagari saw the innocent face of Srimati Radharani, they heard Her persuasive words, their hearts melted. And they allowed their daughter to go with the princess of Vraja to Nandagram.


Since then, the name Radha Nagari has been associated with devotees who are the object of the special mercy and love of Srimati Radharani. 

Entering the circle of servants of Srimati Radharani is the rarest perfection. But to receive service from Srimati Radharani is a special favor, a special blessing, a special perfection that Radha Nagari received. 

Devotees who know about this game go to this place of Radha-nagari and pray to Srimati Radharani for special mercy, that She will take them to serve, that She will turn from her path and take care of them.


This is a section of the book “Vrindavana Lila”.

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