Radha Damodara Prestha

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1) 1. Radha, 2. She who is dear to Lord Damodara, 3. His greatest worshiper, 4. the daughter of King Vrsabhanu, 5. She who is the crowning garland of mallika flowers on the decorated braided hair of all the gopis,

(2) 6. the first of Krsna’s beloveds, 7. an expert singer and musician, 8. Lalita’s friend, 9. She who is delighted with the friendship of Visakha, 10. the flower blossom that attracts the black bee of Lord Hari’s heart.

(3)-(4) He who reads this confidential prayer, which bears the title Ananda-candrika (The Moonlight of Bliss), and which is beautiful with ten names of the queen of Vrndavana, becomes free of all troubles and decorated with great good fortune. He quickly becomes the object of Sri Sri Radha’-Madhava’s mercy.



Rupa Goswami has written this song “Radha Damodara Prestha”. The official name of this song is Volume 2 Ananda Candrikakhyam Radha Dasa Nama Stotram. This song is taken from the book Stavamala. In this song, Rupa Goswami recites the 10 names of Sri Radha. He states that anyone who reads this prayer, that person will become free of all troubles and quickly become the object of the mercy of Sri Sri Radha Madhava.

radha damodara-prestha
radhika varsabhanavi

gandharva lalita-sakhi

imam vrndavanesvarya
ananda-candrikam nama
yo rahasyam stutim pathet

sa klesa-rahito bhutva
tvaritam karuna-patram
radha-madhavayor bhavet




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