Radha and Krishna pastimes in Govardhana

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Radha and Krishna used to go into the #Mani Kandali Cave for pastimes.

It is said that Govardhana Hill is saped like a peacock, stretched out straight, and this is the tail. Two kundas, or ponds, are especially important here. They are Apsara Kunda and Navala Kunda, which were formed when Radha and Krishna, during a rasa dance, looked at each other and began to melt in pure love, or prema.

Here also, Krishna would come with the cowhard boys and He would manifest some of His incarnations for their pleasure. Once He manifested His 12-armed Vishnu form for the gopis to see, and His friend Subala took the form of Garuda, His bird carrier. Another time He became Lord Varaha, the boar incarnation, and began to root around in the earth, and another time He bacame Lord Ramachandra and His boy friends became the monkey friends of Lord Ramachandra.

The next day is Goverdhana parikrama. One of the first places to be visited is the village of Aniyora, where the Annakuta ceremony (Govardhana Puja) was performed. Then comes Sankarsana Kunda. Near Sankarsana Kunda is where Madhavendra Puri discovered the Deity of Gopal. At Petha, Krishna hid from the gopis. Punchari is the southern most point of Govardhana hill. At the tail-end of Govardhana Hill are Navala and Apsara Kundas. The Gandharvas and Apsara bathed here.

Visited next is Shyama Dhak, which was Krishna’s and Balarama’s playground. After visiting Shyama Dhak one comes to Raghava Pandita Gupha (cave), which is the bhajana place of Raghava Pandit. Then comes Jati Pura, which is Madhavendra Puri’s village. Then one reaches Uddhava Kunda, which is the place where Uddhava resides as grass.




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