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This is a holy place situated 36 Kilometres to the north of Ajmer, in Rajasthan. Brahma once did penance there. There is a temple of Brahma there. Padma Purana gives a story about the origin of this tirtha.

Once Brahma came to a place holding a lotus. Then Brahma saw Vajranabha who was engaged in penance for the destruction of the devas. Suddenly the lotus in the hands of Brahma fell down making a thundering noise. The sound was so loud that its vibrations killed Vajranabha. From that day onwards the place was known as Puskara.

Many important personalities, like Dhaumya, Pulastya, Yamaraja and Arjuna came here to do penances.

More information on Puskara, with maps, pictures and videos, will be published in this book.

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