Purana, meaning of the word

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Old, antique, belonging to ancient or olden times


पुराण adj. purANa antique
पूरण n. pUraNa complement
पूरण n. pUraNa completing
पूरण n. pUraNa makeup
पुराण n. purANa Puraana
पुराणाणि n. pl. purANANi relics
पुराणाणि n. pl. purANANi relics of antiquity
पुराणवेद m. purANaveda archeology
पुराणविद्या f. purANavidyA archeology
पुराणरीत्यनुसारिन् adj. purANarItyanusArin out of fashion
पुराणरीत्यनुसारिन् adj. purANarItyanusArin outdated
पुराणरीत्यनुसारिन् adj. purANarItyanusArin old fashioned
पुराणरीत्यनुसारिन् adj. purANarItyanusArin old-fashioned
पुराण adj. purANa ancient
पूरण adj. pUraNa satisfying causing
पुराण adj. purANa age-old
पूरण adj. pUraNa filling
पुराण adj. purANa belonging to ancient or olden times
पूरण adj. pUraNa drawing
पुराण adj. purANa old
पूरण adj. pUraNa effecting
पूरण m. pUraNa equipping
पुराण m. purANa ancients
पुराण m. purANa karSa or measure of silver
पूरण m. pUraNa dam
पूरण m. pUraNa warp
पुरण m. puraNa sea
पूरण m. pUraNa medicinal oil or embrocation
पूरण m. pUraNa rain
पूरण m. pUraNa fulfilling
पूरण m. pUraNa bridge
पूरण m. pUraNa sea
पूरण m. pUraNa coco-grass [Cyperus Rotundus – Bot.]
पूरण m. pUraNa multiplication
पूरण m. pUraNa drawing or bending a bow to the full
पूरण m. pUraNa revolution of a heavenly body through its orbit
पूरण m. pUraNa furnishing
पूरण m. pUraNa completer
पूरण m. pUraNa sort of cake
पूरण m. pUraNa fruit of cotton tree [Bombax Heptaphyllum – Bot.]
पुरण m. puraNa ocean
पूरण m. pUraNa satisfying
पूरण m. pUraNa injection of fluids or supplying with food
पूरण m. pUraNa cross threads in weaving cloth
पुराण n. purANa thing or event of the past
पुराण n. purANa old traditional history
पूरण n. pUraNa puffing or swelling up
पूरण n. pUraNa act or filling or filling up
पुराण n. purANa ancient tale or legend
पुराणग m. purANaga reciter of the purANas
पुराणग m. purANaga singing of the past
पुराणक purANaka particular coin
पुरनारी f. puranArI town-woman
पुरनारी f. puranArI courtezan
पुराणगिर् m. purANagir praising the past
पुराणवत् ind. purANavat as of old
पुराणविद् adj. purANavid knowing the padma
पुराणविद् adj. purANavid knowing the things or events of the past
पुराणगीत m. purANagIta sung by the ancients
पुराणवेद m. purANaveda knowledge of the things or events of the past
पुराणदृष्ट adj. purANadRSTa seen or approved by ancient sages
पुराणप्रोक्त adj. purANaprokta proclaimed by ancient sages
पुराणपुरुष m. purANapuruSa primeval male
पुराणद्वितीया f. purANadvitIyA former wife [ex-wife]
पुराणद्वितीय m. purANadvitIya former husband [ex-husband]
पुराणसंहिता f. purANasaMhitA collection of the padma
पुराणश्रवण n. purANazravaNa hearing or studying the padma
पूरणप्रत्यय m. pUraNapratyaya affix forming an ordinal



#Purana, meaning of the word

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