Parijata tree (Kalpa Vriksa)

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One of the five main Kalpa Vriksa.

A Kalpa Vriksa is a tree in Devaloka. It has the power of giving any object that one wishes to get.

There are five Kalpavrksas in Devaloka. Their names are: Mandara, Parijata, Santana, Kalpavrksa and Haricandana.
Agni Purana, third Chapter mentions that among the wonderful things obtained by the churning of the ocean of milk, there was Kalpavrksa also. So Kalpavrksa was born from the ocean of milk.


The Kalpa Vriksha is a wish-fullfilling tree present in Vrindavana. Any wish you express even in your mind while under this tree is destined to come true.



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