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परमेष्ठि m. parameSThi superior or a chief god of the jainas
परमेष्ठिन् adj. parameSThin standing at the head
परमेष्ठिन् adj. parameSThin principal
परमेष्ठिन् adj. parameSThin chief
परमेष्ठिन् adj. parameSThin highest
परमेष्ठिन् m. parameSThin kind of ammonite
परमेष्ठिन् m. parameSThin teacher of the teacher of any one’s teacher
परमेष्ठिन् m. parameSThin kind of virAj
परमेष्ठिन् m. parameSThin viSNu and zrI
परमेष्ठिन् m. parameSThin son of prajApati
परमेष्ठिनी f. parameSThinI common rue plant [Ruta Graveolens – Bot.] परमेष्ठिता f. parameSThitA superiority
परमेष्ठिता f. parameSThitA supremacy


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