On the banks of the Yamuna

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In gamcha I chant Hare Krishna, the names of the Lord and His associates, on the banks of the #Yamuna sitting on the warm sand. The sun is coming down towards the horizon and it’s not so hot anymore. The devotees my associates are taking bath in the dark Yamuna waters. Yamuna is dark, Ganga is like silver hued.
One of my friends chants his evening gayatri.
Not far young brahmacaris of some Gaudiya Math take bath and meditate.

It’s so peaceful, so beautiful.

Few hundred metres away kids jump in the waters from Keshi Ghat towers, playing and making noise.
Big buffaloes emerge from the waters after having crossed the river. It;s not so deep in this season. They peacefully look at us and pass us by.

On our back Imli Tal and Nityananda Vat. Only few hundreds years ago Lord Caitanya was here, chanting the name of Radha Krishna.

It’s divine, it’s blissful.
Thanks, thanks, thanks.

Manonatha Dasa (ACBSP)
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