Offenses to avoid in Sri Dhama Mayapur

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Srila #Bhaktivinoda Thakura lists ten offenses against the holy Dhama that we
must carefully avoid to gain the full benefit of pilgrimage or residence in
the dhama:

1. To disrespect one’s spiritual master, who reveals the Dhama to his
2. To think that the holy Dhama is temporary.
3. To commit violence toward any of the residents of the holy Dhama or
to any of the pilgrims who come there, or to think that they are
ordinary people. Srila Prabhupada writes, “All the inhabitants of
Vrndavana are Vaisnavas. They are all-auspicious because
somehow or other they always chant the holy name of Krsna” (Cc. Adi
5.232, purport).*
4. To perform mundane activities while living in the holy Dhama.
5. To utilize the Dhama for personal economic development to earn money
by commercializing Deity worship and sankirtana in the holy Dhama.
6. To think that the holy Dhama belongs to some mundane country or
Province, such as Bengal; to think that the Lord’s Dhama is equal to a
Holy place connected with some demigod, or to attempt to measure
the area of the holy Dhama.
7. To commit sinful acts while residing in the holy Dhama.
8. To consider Vrndavana Dhama different from Navadvipa Dhama.
9. To blaspheme the sastras that glorify the holy Dhama.
10. To be faithless and think that the glories of the Dhama are imaginary.


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