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Now as you are keeping an inventory of your remembrance, you can see clearly, practically that on this day how much you are remembering.

Mangala Arati; 30 minutes,

Tulasi Puja; 5 minutes,

Japa; 2 hours,

and now the Darsan of the Dieties, known as Srngara Arati.

This time of the day, Mother Yasoda has dressed her Kaniyalal,and we are the gopalas coming to see our best Friend looking so good! Most of the time most devotees come for the darsan and may glorify,

”Radha Rasabihari Ki jaya! You look beautiful!”

But then when they are asked,

”What are the colors of Their clothes?”

“Uh, I don’t know”.

How many garlands are there?

“Uh, I don’t know.”

“How many Tulasi leaves are on Krishna’s lotus feet?”

“Uh, I don’t know”

“What is in Sri Radhika’s hands? How many rings on Her toes and fingers? Etc; etc; etc;”

“Uh, I don’t know.”

So what did you see to say They are so beautiful?

Another example of our unconsciousness.


In this regard, if you can find someone you can share the darsana with, then quiz each other

“How many butterflies are on the Altar?”


“No, there are six!”

In this way you look. Look at the details and then throughout the day you can shut your eyes and you can see those Divine Dancers. You write how much time was spent looking at the Altar and how much time you thought of Them on the Altar today. Another beautiful way to remember Them for Their Pleasure!


So now you are up to let us say almost 3 hours of pure Krishna consciousness! Needless to say, you are experiencing great transcendental bliss from your devotional efforts and Radha Prema Kisora will reciprocate because you are pleasing Them with Bhakti! What you will experience is a happiness from within and the material world and its allurements are now beginning to go away.


Now the Sraddha is strong. You have stopped the association of those who are not of the same mood and your concentration in reading the Sastras Their nama, rupa, guna, lila is now strong, so consequently your Bhajana, or your worship and prayers are becoming more frequent and sincere. This is called Bhajana Kriya.


With your hearing, glorifying and remembering in the mood to please the Divine Couple, They are now doing that impossible job of purifying your heart. This is called Anartha Nivritti, the impurities are now leaving the heart. At this juncture the chance of fall down practically becomes nil. What can you fall down to when there are no things to contemplate? With a clean heart free of material desires, you can now petition Their Lordships to enter and dance in your heart. And your prayers are now to enter into Their eternal pastimes as Sri Radhika’s Maidservant serving Their transcendental love affairs without any fear of becoming a Sahajiya, because your heart is clean and free of lusty desires. Nikunja yuno rati keli siddhair yayalibhir yuktir apeksaniya!


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