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These are the revelations that come when there is no more window shopping. When there are no excuses to avoid going full thrust all way to Goloka–nikunja. When the decision is made and all activities, thoughts and words are only for reaching the goal, or to please Srila Prabhupada by following the instruction to go Home, back to Godhead! This is the secret magic given by the extreme mercy of Priya Priyatam, Gaur Nitai and Srila Prabhupada!

Like most of us, we think that because of the dirty hearts we admit to have, that becoming purified completely is impossible. And thinking like this sabotages our future. But we are forgetting, and or rather not applying the philosophy that we accept intellectually, which is that we are eternal servants of Krishna! To think of how fallen we are is a bodily conception of life.”

I breath air, I pass stool, I’m white, I’m poor, I’m tall, etc., I’m fallen; it’s a mute point. We all are fallen. So? What one has to think is,” I’m an eternal servant of Krishna”.

Also that we are not the doer. We cannot purify that 10 mile high mountain of sin that’s been gathering over the millions of lifetimes. You think that doing some ’Nish Nish Ram Ram’ with a failure future mentality, being in attentive, and a host of other anarthas that we will be able to do such a Herculean task as to clean our filthy hearts?



This is a section of the book “For Their Pleasure” by Radha Kunda dasa.

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