Nistha, that is, the steadfast faith of a devotee who has achieved perfection in pure devotion

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Nistha, that is, the steadfast faith of a devotee who has achieved perfection in pure devotion, endowed with total dependence on Krishna, is described in the Siksastaka (8) as follows:

aslisya va pada-ratam pinastu mam

adarsanan marma-hatam karotu va

yatha tatha va vidadhatu lampato

mat-prana-nathas tu sa eva naparah

May Krishna embrace this servant tightly, even if He crushes me in His embrace or breaks my heart with His absence. He is completely free in all circumstances to act as He wishes, but He will always, unconditionally, remain the eternal Lord whom I adore.

I am a servant at Krishna’s lotus feet. He is the embodiment of transcendental happiness and sweetness. If He likes He can hug me tightly and make me feel at one with Him or if He prefers not to be seen by me, He could corrode my mind and body. In any case, He is the Lord of my life.

The state of one who remembers Krishna’s pastimes is sac-cid-ananda just like Krishna’s. Therefore, the body of the Vaisnava is no different from that of Krishna. Krishna explains this to Uddhava with the following words found in Srimad-Bhagavatam (11.29.34):

martyo yada tyakta-samasta-karma

niveditatma near me

tadamrtatvam pratipadyamano

mayatma-bhuyaya ca kalpate vai

A person who abandons self-interested activities and offers all of himself to Me, longing to serve Me, attains liberation from birth and death and is elevated to enjoy My own riches.

Such a devotee enters the pastimes of the Lord and enjoys Him. The devotee’s bhajana nistha is described in the Manah-siksa with these words:

na dharmam nadharmam sruti-gana-niruktam kila kuru

vraje radha-krishna-pracura-paricaryam iha tanu

saci-sunum nandisvara-pati-sutatve guru-varam

mukunda-presthatve smara paramajasram nanu manah

O my dear mind, please do not perform the religious activities prescribed in the Vedas or the sinful activities prohibited in the scriptures. Remain in Vraja-dhama, manifesting on this material plane, and fully commit yourself to serving the divine couple, Sri Sri Radha-Krishna. Always remember Sri Gaurahari, the son of Mother Saci, who is no different from Sri Krishna, the son of Maharaja Nanda. And always remember that Sri Gurudeva is Mukunda’s dearest associate. These feelings are your transcendental wealth.


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