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Nanda-bhavan (Nanda’s residence) in Nandagrama


To the south, adjacent to Nandisvara Hill, are a few ruins of the staircase of Nanda-bhavan.

Nanda’s residence here was extensive, with separate bedrooms for everyone including Nanda Baba, Mother Yasoda, Mother Rohini, Krishna and Baladeva. It had a kitchen, store-room and dining hall, as well as resting-rooms and other rooms for Radhika and Krishna.

Here, Krishna and Baladeva performed many of Their childhood, boyhood and youth pastimes.

Daily, at forenoon, Srimati Radhika used to come here from Javata with Her sakhis on the zealous and loving requests of Mother Yasoda, and with great delight, She would prepare many tasty foodstuffs for Krishna together with Mother Rohini.

Krishna used to eat with His sakhas in the adjacent large dining-hall and then rest in the bedroom situated one hundred steps from the dining-hall.





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